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simple promises and Deferred constructs

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Use TypeScript for best in class instellisense.

Note: smartq uses native ES6 promises smartq does not repeat any native functions, so for things like .all() simply use Promise.all()

import * as q from '@pushrocks/smartpromise';

// Deferred
// -----------------------------------------------
let myAsyncFunction = (): Promise<string> => {
  let done = q.defer<string>(); // returns your typical Deferred object
  setTimeout(() => {
    done.resolve('hi'); // will throw type error for other types than string as argument ;)
  }, 6000);

  console.log(done.status); // logs "pending";
  done.promise.then(() => {
    console.log(done.status); // logs "fullfilled"
    console.log(done.duration); // logs the milliseconds between instantiation and fullfillment

  return done.promise;

let myAsyncFunction2 = async () => {
  let aString = await myAsyncFunction();
  console.log(aString); // will log 'hi' to console


// Resolved and Rejected promises
// ------------------------------------------------
q.resolvedPromise(`I'll get logged to console soon`).then((x) => {

q.rejectedPromise(`what a lovely error message`)
    () => {
      console.log('This never makes it to console');
    } /*, alternatively put a reject function here */
  .catch((err) => {

// Promisify (typed)
// ------------------------------------------------

let myCallbackedFunction = (someString: string, someNumber: number, cb) => {
  cb(null, someString);

let myPromisedFunction = q.promisify(myCallbackFunction);
myPromisedFunction('helloThere', 2).then((x) => {
  console.log(x); // will log 'helloThere' to console


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For further information read the linked docs at the top of this readme.

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