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setups SSH quickly and in a painless manner

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var smartssh = require('smartssh');
var sshInstance = new smartssh.sshInstance({
  sshDir: '/some/path/.ssh', // the standard ssh directory, optional, defaults to "~./.ssh"
  sshSync: true // sync ssh this instance will represent the status of an ssh dir if set to true;

  new smartssh.sshKey({
    private: 'somestring',
    public: 'somestring', // optional
    host: 'github.com',
    encoding: 'base64' // optional, defaults to "utf8", can be "utf8" or "base64", useful for reading ssh keys from environment variables

sshInstance.removeKey(sshInstance.getKey('github.com')); // removes key for host "github.com" is present

  host: 'gitlab.com' // returns new key in the form sshKey, read more about the sshKey class below

  // returns ssh key in the form sshKey, read more about the sshKey class below
  host: 'github.com'

sshInstance.getKeys(); // returns array of all available getKeys. Each key is in form of class sshKey

For further information read the linked docs at the top of this readme.

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