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messaging service for micro services

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Use TypeScript for best in class instellisense.

What is smartuniverse all about?

Think WhatsApp, but for your microservices architecture. It allows your services to securely talk to each other in private, shielded channels without having to expose anything to the outside world. This allows the use of reactive programming across your entire stack.

Server side

every universe has a server that manages messages.
Think Kafka, but without Kafka.

import * as smartuniverse from '@pushrocks/smartuniverse';

const myUniverse = new smartuniverse.Universe({
  messageExpiryInMilliseconds: 60000 // the standard time in milliseconds until a message expires

// create as many channels as you like
myUniverse.addChannel('awesomeChannel', 'awesomeChannelPass');
myUniverse.addChannel('awesomeChannel2', 'jhkjhfsdf87eerkjslkfja9');

myUniverse.start(8765); // start the server and provide the port on which to listen on

Client side

All your microservices represents clients in the universe that may talk to each other using the universe server.


We are always happy for code contributions. If you are not the code contributing type that is ok. Still, maintaining Open Source repositories takes considerable time and thought. If you like the quality of what we do and our modules are useful to you we would appreciate a little monthly contribution: You can contribute one time or contribute monthly. :)

For further information read the linked docs at the top of this readme.

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